My Story


My Approach

Hi!  My name is Vatsany (Vot-sunny).  Welcome to Cooking with Vatsany!  In this blog, you will find tips for pre and post Gastric Cancer, recipes for two of my favorite cuisines.  My goal is to re-create dishes that are easy to make,  quick  and delicious for your taste buds. 

My Story

I was born in Thailand and now living in sunny San Diego, CA.  I am half Lao and Thai.  In 1979 a Luthern Church located in Riverside, CA sponsored my mother and 2 sisters to the United States.  I was 5 years old when we landed in the Riverside so needless to say, I grew up as a SoCal girl.

My passion for food lives in my soul.  Food has always been the center of our family gatherings.  We had little growing up, therefore mom would create Lao and Thai dishes from whatever was in the pantry and refrigerator.  I remember observing and learning how to cook from my mom as a child.  For this reason, I consider myself a "self-taught" cook.

In August 2015, I was diagnosed with Gastric (stomach) Cancer which caused my diet to change immediately.  I was forced to cut my favorite Lao dishes (papaya salad), spicy everything, limit sugar intake and anything that was fermented.  2015-2016 was not fun in terms of food and life in general but after a 15 month journey, I made it!  Thanks to my family, fiancé and the amazing faculty at City of Hope.  

Today, I am 100% CANCER FREE with a smaller stomach, much slimmer, and living a peaceful life!  After beating cancer, my lifestyle had to change to include eating habits and how I cook.  That being said, Cooking with Vatsany was born!  I figure if I'm re-creating recipes to better my life, why not share with others.  So here goes, a place where I can be creative, be healthy and be happy!  Thanks for visiting!  Ma Der Ma Der (Come on, come on and join me)! 






Meet My Family

Our Family in our First Home

Mama and her 3 girls

The Church rented us a studio home in Riverside.  It was a cute little home.  At the time that's all we needed because we had each other.  By the way, I am on the left wearing my pimp shirt. LOL!

My Sisters and I in Laos

Me, Pach and Manirat

Truth be told, in this photo Manirat & I are wearing big big sandals.  I'm sure they were not ours. LOL!  Pach (Patch) didn't even have shoes on.  Talk about coming a long way!  Thanks Mama for EVERYTHING!