Cancer Fighting Center

Cancer Fighting Center

What To Do Once You Find Out

*Try to get a second opinion.

*If you can book an appointment with a Specialist at City of Hope  They are located in Duarte, CA and in my opinion the BEST Cancer Center on the West Coast!

*Create a plan on how to share your news with the important people in your life.  For example, I started with my immediate family first, close friends then work family.  Once they were informed, from that point my first appointed circle did all the communication regarding medical updates.  In the beginning I had a conference call with my closest friends and family to let them know who was the point of contact.  This way no one felt offended since the direction came from me.  To give you an example, my boyfriend texted or called my sister, BFF and work manager.  From there the communication was streamlined to the list of people I wanted informed.  Keep in mind, when I felt like talking to friends and family I would reach out on my own.  But as you will experience, most days you will not have the energy to catch up with everyone.

  • First circle-immediate family and best friends.
  • Second circle-work family
  • Let the first circle, they will be in charge of communicating to family, friends and work family.  Delegate who you want to share your news updates so you don't have to repeat the same thing 50x over.

*Contact your HR Department

*Apply for disability




Chemotheraphy Preparation

Preparing for Chemotheraphy mentally and physically so imperative.  Try to eat well, keep up on your protein and listen to your Oncologist.  This will help you feel better in the end.


*On the day of your treatment, eat a light meal in the morning.  After the treatment I usually ate Thai food. 🙂  For me, whatever sounded good and had protein in it, I ordered it.  Drink lots of water, coconut water or Gatorade.

*The day before treatment try to meal prep if you don't have someone available to cook for you.  I ordered meal prep packages to help me eat well and stay prepared.  But I was lucky because I had my mother, siblings and boyfriend who helped prepare my meals.  If you can stay away from fatty foods because they don't mix well with the treatment.



How to Fight Cancer Mentally and Physically?

*Meditation-I meditated 4-5 days a week in 20 minute increments every morning.  By practicing mediation it helped me remain sane, calm, positive and focused on my health.  If you've never meditated and want to learn, I recommend this easy read by Russell Simmons.  I learned so much more about meditation.  It's super easy!  The hard part is just starting.

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*Gentle Yoga and Restorative Yoga-SO good for your body and mind.  I promise it's easy to do and it's different from other yoga practices.  Before I was diagnosed I had never heard of either practices.  I was blessed to stumble upon this yoga studio near my house that just so happens to teach Gentle & Restorative Yoga.  There is an instructor there named Amy who is also the owner of Yoga Arts. She also saved my life!


*Lots of TV binge watching.  LOL.

*Eating a balanced meal.  If you find yourself not hungry, you have to at least eat some type of PROTEIN at every meal.  Boiled eggs are the best!  Please refer to the protein list under "nutrition guide" if you need some suggestions.


*Keep a daily food log.  By doing this, it will help you get to know your body and eating habits.  Then when you visit you doctor, you'll have something concrete to share and reference which is extremely helpful.  Lord knows we all can't remember it all!

*Take things one day at a time. Don't think about tomorrow, next month or what's to come a year from now.  I promise practicing this last step will help your mind and body tremendously. Not to mention a few grey hairs.  HAHA!  Don't forget to believe in your doctors!

*All of these suggestions are from me and not paid advertisements.  This was my recipe to getting cured of CANCER! 🙂


Administrative Stuff

Get organized!  Create a medical folder with large 3" rings, create or print out monthly pre-printed calendars (to keep track of medical appointments), include tabs for doctor's notes, lab results, medical bills, list of medications, prescription receipts, emergency phone numbers, nutrition guides, etc.



Please feel free to share your thoughts as I want this page to be an open forum.