Chief’s Creole Cafe

Chief’s Creole Cafe


These Crawfish Fritters were so good I can't begin to describe the taste!  You will have to try them out for yourself!

Let's just say, you will be satisfied with the taste of crawfish without doing all the work of peeling and cracking.

A Must Try App

If you LOVE fried chicken as much as I do, then you are going to fall in love with these wings.  They are nothing like I've ever tried.  These wings are called Creole Chicken Wings.  They taste like Cajun all in one bite with garlic, butter and Louisiana all in bite!

Star of the Show

Creole Gumbo was why I wanted to come to this restaurant in the first place.  The presentation was not only lovely but the soup was tasty!  Every bite was full of boast!  They do skimp on the ingredients.  This Louisiana Style Gumbo is slowly cooked with Chicken, Shrimp, Crab, Crawfish Okra and Andouille or Turkey Sausage in Creole Spices in a dark rich roux sauce served on top of rice.  Usually restaurants I've dined at skimps on the rice but at CCC they give you a boat load.  It safe to say, they make sure you leave stuffed like a tick!  Oh and to top it off it's served EVERYDAY!

Chief's Creole Cafe's Story

When I met Mr. Brayboy during our dining experience, it all came together.  Initially when we walked in the restaurant it felt like home.  It felt like I was visiting a family member.  Then we were seated at the "Family Table".  The cutest set up I had ever seen.

After eating our meal, Mr. Elihu Brayboy walked in and introduced himself.  Such a sweet genuine man.  Right away I felt his warmth.  When I told him I was a food blogger, he shared their story with us.  I thought the restaurant had been opened for years but it's been 2 years and the restaurant is thriving.  I can see why...not only is the food delicious but the hospitality keeps you wanting to come back for more.

Now let me tell you about this café.  Mr. B and Mrs. B opened the restaurant after buying the building, renovated it and then realized no one wanted to rent the space.  They had to come up with ideas to utilize the space. So one night Mrs. B nudged Mr. B in the elbow and suggested opening up a Creole restaurant...use Mr. B's mother's and grandmother's recipes.  When they first opened, they started small and offered 5 dishes from Gumbo to Etoufee.  Then the menu grew from there.

I ate so much during our visit, my small stomach expanded to the point where I couldn't even hang!  The food was so good I couldn't stop.  It's beyond authentic!  I have never been to Louisiana but I have feeling this is what the food taste like there.

If you ever get to Tampa or live in this area, you need to make a pit stop.  I promise you will be forever thankful for the experience.

Chief's Creole Cafe Dining Room

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